Bond of Enemies 4a

Introducing Antidote’s newest director, James Fitzgerald.

Posted May 3, 2017

James has an exceedingly strange take on the world – a world that represents bold and brilliant storytelling.


We discovered James through his daringly original short films and cheeky music clips. From the day we met, it was clear that this guy embodied the talent and drive that will excite the industry.


James’s IFTA nominated short film Skunky Dog screened to much acclaim at the world’s largest festivals, while his music video for The Funeral Suits shot him to mainstream notoriety, making him one of the hottest talents out there right now.

James has been honing his filmmaking skills since he was 15. Through performance driven stories, striking visuals with a touch of the oddball, he has created an evocative filmmaking style.


He has just polished off his new film for Prizefight Whiskey. His story follows a war pilot who has crash-landed on foreign land and is saved by his enemy. On a polar Offaly bog, we experienced firsthand the trust James establishes with his cast and the loyalty of his freezing crew. Check it out HERE


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